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Free Picture Finder V3 Free Picture Finder - Search and Download pic on Web

     Free Picture Finder is an pic finder and photo downloader,It uses internal image searcher and pic downloader to search and download images on web.Searching is executed by using keywords, The search possibilities are endless.Found images are fully characterized with size and resolution, and be stored in image gallery..

Free Picture Finder V3
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CNET Review
If you don't want to browse numerous sites finding images one by one, Free Picture Finder does it for you. The installation runs smoothly, and in seconds the program opens on your desktop. The program interface looks a bit overwhelming with many features, but after a while you get into it and start to enjoy the software. The search possibilities are endless. You can find anything you want, from landscapes to celebrities. Found images are fully characterized with size and resolution, although once you download them to your computer, you can view them in any size you want. If you stop the search but still want to download an image, just double-click on it and it will automatically be downloaded in seconds. The program also lets you download the file via a link in your Web browser. You can save your search in a catalog and resume it anytime you wish. The software is doubtlessly one of the best in its class.

Support 70 Search Languages

English   Afrikaans   Albanian   Arabic   Basque   Belarusian   Bengali   Bihari   Bulgarian   Catalan   Chinese(Simplified)   Chinese(Traditional)   Croatian   Czech   Danish   Dutch   Esperanto   Estonian   Finnish   French   Frisian   Galician   German   Greek   Gujarati   Hebrew   Hindi   Hungarian   Icelandic   Indonesian   Interlingua   Irish   Italian   Japanese   Javanese   Kannada   Korean   Latin   Latvian   Lithuanian   Macedonian   Malay   Malayalam   Maltese   Marathi   Nepali   Norwegian   Occitan   Polish   Portuguese   Punjabi   Romanian   Russian   Scots Gaelic   Serbian   Slovak   Slovenian   Spanish   Swahili   Swedish   Tagalog   Tamil   Telugu   Thai   Turkish   Ukrainian   Urdu   Vietnamese   Welsh  

Free Picture Finder
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Free Picture Finder

"AWESOME PROGRAM! I was downloading a ton of images by it from internet today. I started searching for a program to automate my image searching and downloading, and after trying a couple more popular programs on this site that turned out to be complete failures, I stumbled upon this one and decided to give it a try. Boy, am I glad I did. This thing is powerful, thorough. What more could you ask for? The program has an easy to use interface, and within minutes it had not only found thousands of pics on intenet, but also validate and download them. It can manage search resutls as well, and is not limited to search. This is one of the most useful web tools I have ever had the pleasure to come across. Don't be fooled by the comparatively low number of downloads this program has. This program ROCKS. "
Gloria Pullman

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