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Code Visual to Flowchart
    Sourcecode2Flowchart has been renamed to Code Visual to Flowchart ,and it supports Microsoft Office now!
Code Visual to Flow chart is the best flowchart generation tool in the market.

   -- The combination of condensed view and detailed view makes it a very effective tool.

   -- Flowcharts are true-to-code

   -- You can navigate and understand the detailed view much faster than reading code.
     Real code is displayed in each flowchart symbol,
    you do not have to go back and forth between the file-window and the flowchart.

   -- With a click on a flowchart symbol, you can view the type-information of the objects in it.
     You can view the flowchart and file-window side-by-side: Click on a flowchart symbol to highlight the corresponding code in the file-window and vice versa.

   -- Code Visual to Flow chart creates optimal-level flowcharts.
     It hides inner nest levels so that the flowchart stays simple and easy to understand.
     You can expand the inner levels to view the full detail.
     You can view the sub-flowchart of a loop or switch from the function.

   -- You can divide-and-conquer functions that are hundreds of lines in length:
     First view the top-level flowchart and then view the flowcharts of its major blocks.
    You will save a large amount of time.

  -- You can print a flowchart or export it as a BMP or PNG file for documentation and MS Visio, Word, Excel, Powerpoint .
     Real code is shown in each flowchart symbol. The flowchart is complete in itself.
You do not have to refer to the code listing.

Code Visual to Flowchart Press Release
Updated Version of Source code to Flowchart Released

Fatesoft has updated its product: Source code to Flowchart--an easy-to-use flowchart generator--can automatic reverse engineer code to flowcharts. New features include Word,Excel,PowerPoint export, and supports for T-SQL, PL/SQL.

Source code to Flowchart automatic creates a thorough flow chart for a method by analyzing existing code. It works with the following languages: C/C++,Visual Basic,VBA,Qbasic,VBScript,ASP, Visual C#,VB.NET,J# .NET,Java,JavaScript,Delphi/Pascal,PowerBuilder,PHP,FoxPro, Perl ,T-SQL and PL/SQL.

The flow diagrams can be exported as BMP image . They can also be exported to Microsoft Visio,Word,Excel,PowerPoint for project documentation. It is an ideal flowcharting tool to help you visualize and understand your code .

Other improvements include new visio stencil , and options to output source code into flow chart shapes .

Sourcecode to Flowchart supports Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003. An evaluation copy is available for free download at Fatesoft.com Web site.


Price: Single-user license, US$99.95 .

Contact: sales@fatesoft.com

Web Site: http://www.fatesoft.com

Product info : http://www.fatesoft.com/s2f/

Code Visual to Flowchart automatic program flowchart generator

    Code Visual to Flowchart is an automatic program flowchart generator software , It can reverse engineering a program , create programming flowcharts from code, mostly used on flowcharting a program and documenting source code. It can generate Visio, Word, Excel, Powerpoint,PNG and BMP flow charts document from code.

Supported programming Languages

C, C++, VC++ (Visual C++ .NET), VB (Visual Basic), VBA, Qbasic(quickbasic), VBScript(VBS), ASP, Visual C# (C sharp), Visual Basic .NET(VB.NET), Visual J# .NET, VC++.NET, ASP.NET, Java, JSP, JavaScript(JScript), Delphi(Object Pascal), PowerBuilder(PowerScript), PHP, Visual Foxpro, Peoplesoft SQR, PL/SQL, T-SQL(Transact-sql) and Perl ...

Code Visual 2 Flowchart
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Code Visual to Flow chart

"Awesome! support visio output, You have a great product. I use it to translate my code to Microsoft Visio flowchart. Very nice and simple to use tool that has saved me a lot of time. Thank you and keep it up"
Brent Smith
"I use it to understand code, It works well , and price compared to similar programs is so low ."
David Howard
"kewl ! I placed a order for it, I have searched this kind of products for a long time, I placed an order for it ."
Jason Lee Miller

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